a 1 degree shift

It’s been very quiet here for a very good reason, my life is having a 1 degree shift.  I’m transitioning from teaching art and creativity to working as an art therapist. A small but significant shift has been happening for some time now but a formal career move started two weeks ago when I officially opened Kaleidoscope Art Therapy  room doors for the first time. I am still teaching some art but as I work with more and more clients I will teach less art and wont be seen very often blogging here.


Thanks for your patronage on this blog over the 7 or so years I’ve been writing and creating, please follow Kaleidoscope Art Therapy on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


If you’re a north Brisbane local you are invited to Kaleidoscope Art Therapy Open Night next Tuesday. Drop in for 15 minutes or come for an hour, all welcome.

Blessings all, Rochelle

starting the day right

I am a huge believer in starting the morning right. My ideal morning is a slow start: reading something inspirational for 15 minutes (i read my Bible), and do an art journal response to it. Sometimes the art journal page asks a question, sometimes it answers a question, sometimes i write a note to myself to help me get through the day, sometimes its a meditation or prayer… i don’t usually manage to spend a long time and sometimes the page is more writing than art… there are no rules, i just do what i feel i need to do in that moment.


A ritual such as expressive art journaling is a terrific way to start the day right. And yes i run around making sure the teenagers get off to school OK before i settle down with paintbrushes and a coffee. No, i don’t manage to do this everyday.  Yes i do work (and study) full time.  I have also chosen to nurture my soul as often as possible. 15 minutes is all i can grab sometimes but even prioritising those 15 minutes for me, can be very soul satisfying; it starts me off with a full cup and sets my inner compass.

Do you have a morning ritual? What works for you?

tag booklet: art room destash

Do you have way too much craft stuff???? Want to use up some of your stash like ribbons? Die cuts? Buttons? Stickers?


This tag booklet tutorial I designed for Lulu Art Store design team is a great way to have fun creating while trimming down that mountainous craft stash.

Watch the video here:

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 8.29.11 pm

Art Supplies list is found here on the Lulu Art Mixed media blog.


And don’t let you inner critic tell you that you can’t create, go right ahead, it will be silenced when you begin to create. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Cheers, Rochelle x

i am an artist

My latest Design Team art tutorial went online the other week via the inspirational LuLu Art Store, read the full post here, including the full list of supplies needed.

I have always loved this stamp: Donna Poppies and was excited to experiment with it this last week.  It turned out very vibrant, I’m loving it.   I love slow starts in the school holidays, pity it was back to school today!

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is transitioning in my thinking from ‘art is just a little hobby and something i do for fun’ to  ‘art is important, it is who I am; it has purpose, significance and conveys beauty, truth and hope.’   One of the most freeing declarations us creatives can make is “I am an artist.”

And don’t let you inner critic tell you that you can’t paint, go right ahead, it will be silenced when you begin to paint. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

you make me brave

I’ve had  2 weeks with a song stuck in my head. It keeps fitting around and around like a butterfly, it is demanding my attention, seeking to be really heard and understood.  So i created an art journal page to explore it a little.


You Make Me Brave is the song, it’s one of my new happy songs.  Did art journalling make the butterflies go away? No, it has just  gone a little quieter because it has gone a little deeper within.

teens school holidays art classes

Yay! I’ve just released my Easter school holiday teen/tween art classes:

Tuesday April 4 JUNK JOURNALS: We will be using vintage books, dictionaries, maps, sheet music, tags, envelopes, card and paper from my stash to create a journal and learn the basics of book binding.

Tuesday April 11 CANDLEHOLDER GOBLETS: We will be stamping or drawing an image onto a vintage dictionary or sheet music and using paint to design a candleholder that really glows with colour and personality.

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in the beginning God…

I love starting a new art journal, and i’m trialling my first landscape orientated journal.  As I flicked through the pristine white  pages i decided to commit this entire new art journal to exploring a single theme. BRAVE. Here is my first page inspired by reading Genesis 1. It’s an ancient story about humanities first intimate encounter with the Creator, a story of wonder, of unrivalled creativity, risk taking and relentless love.

 And humanity was fashioned in the image of the One who created them, and God saw all that He had made, and proclaimed it very good.  Humanity did not know at that wondrous point, that betrayal, lies and treachery would arise and bravery would be needed in the war for our soul.

Hello Beautiful Workshop

Hello Creatives. I’ve just released my first 2017 full day workshop: Hello Beautiful.  Woo hoo! This will be a relaxed mixed media workshop teaching techniques, explaining simple design principles and helping you release your creativity.

All materials and art equipment is supplied, including a large recycled canvas.

Though I will show you step by step through all art processes, there is much flexibility with colours and wording choices.

A beautiful morning tea, nibbles, water, tea and coffee will be supplied (please specify any dietary requirements upon booking).  We will have a mini lunch break so please bring your lunch, or buy from one of the local lunch spots nearby.

Workshop is suitable for total beginners through to advanced, from ages 13 years and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Location TBA but will be near Lawnton, on Brisbane’s northside.

An art smock / apron or wear old clothes
Sense of humour and openness to learning new things

Leave Behind:
Any preconceived ideas you have about art/creativity. This workshop is all about exploring the art process, having fun and expressing yourself in colour and shapes.

The Money Stuff:
Price is $$99 per person all inclusive
Payment is expected at time of booking

international women’s day

To celebrate international women’s day my eldest daughter and i spent the afternoon together… at a spoon carving workshop! Loved it.

Nat hard at work just starting to hollow the bowl of the spoon.

Our wood blank is southern silky oak. Gorgeous grain, easy to carve.

Below is my finished spoon before oiling and waxing.  Could have spent tonnes more time just fiddling with my shape, I can see spoon carving being very addictive!

It’s no perfect, but this spoon’s got loads of attitude! I am a bit proud of myself. It’s a little too big to use for cereal, but carving today was a great start to add my ever-growing list of things to master. Thanks Carol Russell your expert tuition was amazing, you are an inspiring and creative wood artisan and woman.  To the women i shared space and wood shavings with, we laughed, ate cheese and shared wood work stories together, cheers.  And thanks Carbatec for hosting this women honouring event, i am appreciative of the time I got to spend today becoming more of the woman I want to be.