Even though i was not chosen to join the primary school choir when i was 11, i’ve always loved music and loved to sing (ie alone in the car with all the windows up and the radio on loud).  I have memories of singing in my backyard under the Lemon Scented Tea-Tree and dreaming about being on stage, but alas, it is musical ability i lack, i sing off-key!

I am blessed to marry a very musical man, he sings all the time and plays a little guitar and that has rubbed off on all our kids.  Our neighbours have commented on their singing in the shower a few times and after staying a week-end with some friends their 8-year-old son remarked “Goodbye, finally some peace and quiet.”

Here is a sneak peek at some new handmade music inspired envelopes made from recycled songbooks for Peregian Beach Markets.  They have that lovely ivory colour that says old paper.

i have also scored bundles of free card to use on my projects: printer off cuts.  I just walked up to the desk of my local printer and asked was there any off cuts and they were more than happy to give me an arm full.  Great new way to green the planet and reduce the cost of a hobby!  The coloured card is from a friend who gave me this idea in the first place.  The white card is enough to make all the Chrissy cards i could want!

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