artie sunday

I hosted my first art circle today and we filled all 8 seats plus one, (my niece sat on the couch where she coloured in, did a bit of stamping and stencilling).   I woke up feeling excited to be creating along side others. I baked my nana’s pumpkin scones, vacuumed and set up the table for making art.



7 lovely ladies came over and there was lots of paint, inks, laughter and a sense of accomplishment.  Thanks so much for coming over and inspiring me everyone.  I managed to complete 1 art journal page.

After everyone left I sat down and completed 24 tags (will post pics tomorrow) and 12 cards!! Yay.  Mostly I used up gelliplate printing and assorted ink spray backgrounds I had in my stash, I just added the butterflies, dragonflies and flowers etc.  I am looking forward to putting them all in the mailbox as snailmail in the next few weeks.   Hope you have had a chance sometime this weekend to create something.  Yay for handmade and yay for making things together.




4 thoughts on “artie sunday

  1. Jill Holmes says:

    How fun! I wish I knew just 3-4 others in my area that would like to do such an activity. It gets lonely sometimes creating along or just with internet friends. I am going on a retreat of sorts at the end of March. I am SO looking forward to it. A creative environment is just what the artist ordered!


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