dare to be yourself


Dare to be Yourself! It’s not just some feel good statement we should let roll of our tongue unchecked.  Think about it.  Really ponder it.  How would I live if i dared to be unbothered and uninfluenced by well meaning people who aren’t daring to be themselves?

If we are considering daring to be ourselves, we must know ourselves well.  Who am I?  Yep I’m good at that and No! that isn’t my strength area.  To be oneself one must allow the voice within (no matter how quiet or gagged it is) to be heard and make choices in line with our our authentic self (ie who we are when no one is around).  Something I’m figuring out how to do, hope you can be encouraged to do it too.


This was done in my A5 art journal with bubble wrap, paint, a stamp with barbed wire on it, Stazon inkpad, a heart used as a mask and letters cut from magazine.

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