international women’s day

To celebrate international women’s day my eldest daughter and i spent the afternoon together… at a spoon carving workshop! Loved it.

Nat hard at work just starting to hollow the bowl of the spoon.

Our wood blank is southern silky oak. Gorgeous grain, easy to carve.

Below is my finished spoon before oiling and waxing.  Could have spent tonnes more time just fiddling with my shape, I can see spoon carving being very addictive!

It’s no perfect, but this spoon’s got loads of attitude! I am a bit proud of myself. It’s a little too big to use for cereal, but carving today was a great start to add my ever-growing list of things to master. Thanks Carol Russell your expert tuition was amazing, you are an inspiring and creative wood artisan and woman.  To the women i shared space and wood shavings with, we laughed, ate cheese and shared wood work stories together, cheers.  And thanks Carbatec for hosting this women honouring event, i am appreciative of the time I got to spend today becoming more of the woman I want to be.


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