starting the day right

I am a huge believer in starting the morning right. My ideal morning is a slow start: reading something inspirational for 15 minutes (i read my Bible), and do an art journal response to it. Sometimes the art journal page asks a question, sometimes it answers a question, sometimes i write a note to myself to help me get through the day, sometimes its a meditation or prayer… i don’t usually manage to spend a long time and sometimes the page is more writing than art… there are no rules, i just do what i feel i need to do in that moment.


A ritual such as expressive art journaling is a terrific way to start the day right. And yes i run around making sure the teenagers get off to school OK before i settle down with paintbrushes and a coffee. No, i don’t manage to do this everyday.  Yes i do work (and study) full time.  I have also chosen to nurture my soul as often as possible. 15 minutes is all i can grab sometimes but even prioritising those 15 minutes for me, can be very soul satisfying; it starts me off with a full cup and sets my inner compass.

Do you have a morning ritual? What works for you?

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