a 1 degree shift

It’s been very quiet here for a very good reason, my life is having a 1 degree shift.  I’m transitioning from teaching art and creativity to working as an art therapist. A small but significant shift has been happening for some time now but a formal career move started two weeks ago when I officially opened Kaleidoscope Art Therapy  room doors for the first time. I am still teaching some art but as I work with more and more clients I will teach less art and wont be seen very often blogging here.


Thanks for your patronage on this blog over the 7 or so years I’ve been writing and creating, please follow Kaleidoscope Art Therapy on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


If you’re a north Brisbane local you are invited to Kaleidoscope Art Therapy Open Night next Tuesday. Drop in for 15 minutes or come for an hour, all welcome.

Blessings all, Rochelle

i am an artist

My latest Design Team art tutorial went online the other week via the inspirational LuLu Art Store, read the full post here, including the full list of supplies needed.

I have always loved this stamp: Donna Poppies and was excited to experiment with it this last week.  It turned out very vibrant, I’m loving it.   I love slow starts in the school holidays, pity it was back to school today!

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is transitioning in my thinking from ‘art is just a little hobby and something i do for fun’ to  ‘art is important, it is who I am; it has purpose, significance and conveys beauty, truth and hope.’   One of the most freeing declarations us creatives can make is “I am an artist.”

And don’t let you inner critic tell you that you can’t paint, go right ahead, it will be silenced when you begin to paint. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

you make me brave

I’ve had  2 weeks with a song stuck in my head. It keeps fitting around and around like a butterfly, it is demanding my attention, seeking to be really heard and understood.  So i created an art journal page to explore it a little.


You Make Me Brave is the song, it’s one of my new happy songs.  Did art journalling make the butterflies go away? No, it has just  gone a little quieter because it has gone a little deeper within.

teens school holidays art classes

Yay! I’ve just released my Easter school holiday teen/tween art classes:

Tuesday April 4 JUNK JOURNALS: We will be using vintage books, dictionaries, maps, sheet music, tags, envelopes, card and paper from my stash to create a journal and learn the basics of book binding.

Tuesday April 11 CANDLEHOLDER GOBLETS: We will be stamping or drawing an image onto a vintage dictionary or sheet music and using paint to design a candleholder that really glows with colour and personality.

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in the beginning God…

I love starting a new art journal, and i’m trialling my first landscape orientated journal.  As I flicked through the pristine white  pages i decided to commit this entire new art journal to exploring a single theme. BRAVE. Here is my first page inspired by reading Genesis 1. It’s an ancient story about humanities first intimate encounter with the Creator, a story of wonder, of unrivalled creativity, risk taking and relentless love.

 And humanity was fashioned in the image of the One who created them, and God saw all that He had made, and proclaimed it very good.  Humanity did not know at that wondrous point, that betrayal, lies and treachery would arise and bravery would be needed in the war for our soul.

Messy, Painty Art Card Making Tutorial

I’m excited to be apart of the amazing LuLu Art Design Team for 2017, thanks for having me Kylie.  I can’t wait to show you all the creative ideas with mixed media products that are dancing in my head.


Sunday I sent my doppelgänger to the markets and spent the day getting painty while filming my first video tutorial as DT for LuLu Art. But it didn’t all go as planned 1) i found we were out of coffee 2) the camera battery was flat 3) i had trouble editing it 4) it wouldn’t upload… 5) it still wouldn’t upload…

But in the end we ended up with 16 messy, inky, painty, inspiring art cards.

Supplies List from LuLu Art, Mixed Media Online Art Shop:

Paint: Dina Wakely (tangerine, magenta), Dylusions (crushed grape, vibrant turquoise, fresh lime), black, white, fluro pink, bright yellow

Ink Sprays: Dylusions (after midnight, crushed grape, cut grass, squeezed orange, bubblegum pink)

Watercolour paper: Try the fabulous Prima watercolour pads in A4

Colourcraft Brusho Crystals (yellow)

Stencils: Donna Downey (Butterfly)

 Tim Holtz (Wildflower)

TCW (Inspired words 6×6Art is 6×6Sheet Music 6×6Circle Explosion 12×12)

Gelli plate (I used 5×7)

Soft rubber brayer (for gelli plate paint application)

Water in a spray bottle

Paper trimmer or scissors

Paper towel, damp washer for clean up


You can watch my fun tutorial here



tell her she’s wonderful

After 10 days of no art endeavours, i finally got to my art desk on Friday. Inspiration just seemed to flow and these three frames are what arrived from my fingertips.




This flower uses fabric for my stash: an old skirt, left over fabric when my eldest was a flower girl at my Dad’s wedding, a chiffon curtain, remnant tulle from a rock and roll fancy dress outfit from 16 years ago… many memories.



This flower contains pink dupion silk from dresses i sewed my flower girls plus leftovers from the dress i sewed myself as bridesmaid for my sisters wedding and a vintage button from stash.


These small frames make great gifts and were so fun to make.

stop saying you like my artworks

The biggest trap to unleashing creativity is listening to other people.  The lovely comments about our art, build us up only superficially because let’s face it, if we the artist don’t like the art we’ve created, no one’s opinion will change that.  If you’re anything like me, I will simply discard other people’s well intentioned comments because what i already believe about my art will generally override their comment.


The best way to unleash our creativity is creating judgement free zones: no ‘i love your artwork’ and no ‘i dislike your artwork.’


No compliments?  That’s so hard, we post on insta, Facebook and blog to get positive feedback don’t we?  It takes a little while to get used to sharing our work and not receiving compliment booster shots, but after a while I’ve found that I relax way more during the art process and experiment more freely when I’m free from other people’s expectations and opinions on my art.


We as artists need to shoulder the responsibility to create group and family cultures that appreciates and values the art process and the artist.  Then we are ready to share art from the heart.  Creating that culture?  Try sharing specifically about the impact that the artwork has on you with the artist instead.  If you must complement the artwork, share something specific that you like, such as the way they used colour or the way the flower petal is so transparent or that tiny silhouette on the horizon.  Those sort of comments show you have taken time to really look at the details, and attach the compliment to the the process.


No judgement zones create safe places for the artistic soul to fully express itself.  We will all become better artists, creators and writers, our creations will become an overflow of fully discovered creativity rather than allowing the comments of others to bonsai our creativity.


love never gives up

I splurged on a large canvas (90cm x 53cm) and finally tackled it this week. Thanks family for letting me take over the kitchen table for two days.


“LOVE never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful & endures all things.” Adore these words, so powerful. Huge stencil hey? Made it a challenge to work with but am happy the way it turned out.


Lots of lovely vintage goodies on this canvas: dictionary pages, sheet music, pages from a hymn book, pages from Gone With the Wind, Wind in the Willows, Shakespeare, a prayer book, plus Japanese and German book pages.

Love it? You can buy it here.


wild at heart

Don’t let art become complicated.  Sometimes I just wash ink all over my art journal pages as a background, grab a basic stencil, cut out a picture from a magazine that expresses what I want to say and find some words to paste on.

wild at heart



In 1/2 hour i am done.