you make me brave

I’ve had  2 weeks with a song stuck in my head. It keeps fitting around and around like a butterfly, it is demanding my attention, seeking to be really heard and understood.  So i created an art journal page to explore it a little.


You Make Me Brave is the song, it’s one of my new happy songs.  Did art journalling make the butterflies go away? No, it has just  gone a little quieter because it has gone a little deeper within.

mini canvas – butterfly


Some times when I start I have no idea what it will look like when its finished.  I knew this mini canvas was about a butterfly, that’s all.  The background turned all metallic and gold thanks Heidi Swapp ink sprays.IMG_0641

Love my Big Shot and my Stampin’ Up Butterfly die cuts. Simple and stunning 3D multi-media collage. Voila.


I choose hope

This weeks Colour me Positive Prompt from LuluArt contained one of my favourite words: hope. This is how my art journal page turned out.


I choose hope. When life is crap, I choose hope.  When I feel that even after my best attempts I am not enough, I choose hope.  When pain, criticism and cynicism ambushes me, I choose hope. When I have nothing, I choose hope. Especially when I have nothing, I choose hope.

artie sunday

I hosted my first art circle today and we filled all 8 seats plus one, (my niece sat on the couch where she coloured in, did a bit of stamping and stencilling).   I woke up feeling excited to be creating along side others. I baked my nana’s pumpkin scones, vacuumed and set up the table for making art.



7 lovely ladies came over and there was lots of paint, inks, laughter and a sense of accomplishment.  Thanks so much for coming over and inspiring me everyone.  I managed to complete 1 art journal page.

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The word gratitude is the word prompt from LuLuArt’s Colour Me Positive Art Journalling Challenge 2016.  Check it out and join via Facebook here or on the LuLuArt Blog here.

Today I had the entire house to myself for 5 hours this afternoon/evening… this is very rare occurrence lately especially in school holidays!  So I sat at cleaned off my art desk before I got busy with the Colour Me Positive Challenge.


Below is the step by step pics of my art process.



wings exist

I have lately been deeply touched by many women and their stories.  Sad stories, stories of pain and shame and feelings of powerlessness and despair.  There were also many stories of unmitigated joy, achievement, restoration and redemption.  Some stories were in books, blogs and on Ted Talks.  Some of their stories are told to me around a table, in classes I attend and as I’ve walked along the beach.  All of these stories matter, all these stories are part of the weaving called life.  All of them move me.  This mixed media collage is a response to those stories.


We all have wings.

Some of us have little budding wings that are slowly, shyly unfurling themselves for the very first time.

Some of us have bold wings that are tightly curled, dusty, neglected. Tied up with fears.

Some of us have wings that are tattered, wet with tears.  Broken even.


To some of us, the fact that we have wings is a surprise, we have never seen ourselves as powerful or as having the ability to succeed.  Freedom seems a far way off.
Some of us are perched on the edge, wings outstretched, feeling the wind in our faces, and feeling the thrill if our heart pumping and pounding as we push off a cliff with determination. We soar. Exhilaration fills our soul.

You can purchase this original mixed media collage here in my Madeit shop.


More Butterflies in Her Hair

I’ve finally finished a really exciting art project I’ve been fiddling with for a few weeks now to get just right.  It’s a new range I’m about to release into my Madeit shop… ‘Butterflies in Her Hair’ this one is titled.  It is inspired by an art journal page I did last year.


I will do some butterfly art works in pastel colours and some in the brights (pictured below).


I took the picture last night and so it’s not a great picture but I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. Today I will take some professional pics and list it in my Madeit shop. Below is a close up before it was finished and before the glass went on so it’s a little clearer.IMG_20150712_211958

The frame is recycled and repainted in the delightful and environmentally friendly Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. I buy my MMS milk paint from an Australian supplier I Restore Stuff.


I mixed up extra milk paint and painted several other frames I had lying around the house in lovely MMS Ironstone..  Painting was part of my bucket filling yesterday.