you make me brave

I’ve had  2 weeks with a song stuck in my head. It keeps fitting around and around like a butterfly, it is demanding my attention, seeking to be really heard and understood.  So i created an art journal page to explore it a little.


You Make Me Brave is the song, it’s one of my new happy songs.  Did art journalling make the butterflies go away? No, it has just  gone a little quieter because it has gone a little deeper within.

love never gives up

I splurged on a large canvas (90cm x 53cm) and finally tackled it this week. Thanks family for letting me take over the kitchen table for two days.


“LOVE never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful & endures all things.” Adore these words, so powerful. Huge stencil hey? Made it a challenge to work with but am happy the way it turned out.


Lots of lovely vintage goodies on this canvas: dictionary pages, sheet music, pages from a hymn book, pages from Gone With the Wind, Wind in the Willows, Shakespeare, a prayer book, plus Japanese and German book pages.

Love it? You can buy it here.


fearfully and wonderfully made


I had one Christmas custom artwork order that i found hard to part with: “I am beautiful for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” I’m sharing it as a post now because it’s a timeless message in a society determined to  make us believe lies instead of truth.

To the young lady on the receiving end of this canvas, I pray that the words, colours and shapes held in this canvas strengthen and give peace to your soul as it has mine, as it was created.

These sweet words are inspired from Psalm 139:14

img_7322 img_7323


I watched a movie that moved me today, Freedom with Cuba Gooding Jr in it. It dealt with many issues , two being racism and slavery. So I went to my art journal and made a gratitude page.  I have so much to be grateful for, including freedom to believe in God and worship Him, a right to education,  I live safely in a quiet neighbourhood, my fridge is full, I have a loo, a shower, soap, clothing, a car… A sobering reminder of what I have.



mini canvas – butterfly


Some times when I start I have no idea what it will look like when its finished.  I knew this mini canvas was about a butterfly, that’s all.  The background turned all metallic and gold thanks Heidi Swapp ink sprays.IMG_0641

Love my Big Shot and my Stampin’ Up Butterfly die cuts. Simple and stunning 3D multi-media collage. Voila.


I choose hope

This weeks Colour me Positive Prompt from LuluArt contained one of my favourite words: hope. This is how my art journal page turned out.


I choose hope. When life is crap, I choose hope.  When I feel that even after my best attempts I am not enough, I choose hope.  When pain, criticism and cynicism ambushes me, I choose hope. When I have nothing, I choose hope. Especially when I have nothing, I choose hope.